Bathtubs are a great invention; they allow for a more relaxed approach and, on stressful days, can offer leeway for a nice soak. Much like sinks, however, they also have a drain that can end up clogged which leads to bigger problems down the line. 

Hiring a plumber has quite a number of benefits, of course, such as:

  • Better efficiency compared to "do-it-yourselfers"
  • Experts with experience
  • Familiarity with plumbing & building codes
  • Proper tools and supplies

You might be asking: what does all that have to do with a bathtub drain? The answer is simple. When you compare the price of hiring a plumber to buying a proper bathtub drain, there's a definite discrepancy there. 


You can save yourself a whole lot of money and stress by just getting a proper bathtub drain plug. That way, you avoid major issues that will leave you no recourse but to call a plumber.

Bathtub Drain Plugs To Address Clogged Drains

Sometimes also known as a bathtub stopper, these are small devices that you can use to plug the bathtub drain effectively. It allows people to fill their bathtub with water in order to bathe, then lets you remove it to drain out all the used, dirty water.

These generally have three vital materials involved: metal, rubber and silicone. They also come in a number of variants, which determine their durability and effectiveness in stopping water flow over a long period of time. 

  • Flip It - A flip-it stopper is a great option for filling the gap where your drain is located. With flip-it stoppers, you don’t need any tools to install because the built-in O-rings will hold it in place. When you flip the toggle lever, a watertight seal will be created.
  • Lift & Turn - The lift & turn stopper is an easy-to-use cap that you can use to stop drain water from flowing out of the drain. The cap has an opening on top, and a small knob that you twist to prevent the drain water from coming out.
  • Push & Pull - A push and pull stopper is almost identical in appearance and installation method to a lift and turn stopper. The chief difference is that a push and pull stopper requires a lever to stop water from flowing out of the drain, while a lift and turn stopper requires lifting to open the stopper. 

The TubShroom

Amongst all of the strainers out there, you can't go wrong with the TubShroom. It's very far from the usual strainers that just go over a drain! The TubShroom, which fits any standard (1.5" to 1.75" width) tub drain, fits inside the drain. It also sits flat, keeping hair it catches out of sight. Cleanup is just as easy: all it takes is wiping it off after use. 


Bathtub drain plugs are very important in order to prevent issues with clogging. While hiring a plumber is beneficial, it's much better to take steps to keep clogs from forming at all. Amongst all the bathtub drain plugs out there, you can't go wrong with the TubShroom.

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