The Best Protector for You

Most homeowners and renters have experience dealing with clogged bath, shower, and stainless steel sink drains. More often than not, when your bathtub or shower stall drains become clogged, the main culprit is hair. You could likely find long hair clogging nearly every shower and tub, but soap scum and other debris can also play a part in preventing proper drainage.

Luckily there are many different gadgets to help you keep your tub drains clear and free of blockage. From chemical cleaners to stoppers, there is a gadget out there that can help you keep your sinks, tubs, and toilets debris-free. 

First, one simple preventative measure that you can take before you purchase any of these products is brushing your hair before showering. If you or someone in your family has long hair, a few passes with a hairbrush before bathing can capture loose hairs that would otherwise end up down the tub drain.


Additionally, if you have pets that you bathe indoors, consider transitioning to outside baths with a water hose to prevent pet fur from matting and blocking your bathtub drain. For those that must bathe their pets indoors, try covering the tub drain with a washcloth before removing the stopper to help catch rogue fuzz.

If you have taken preventative measures already and still have drainage problems, let us guide you through a review of 10 bathtub drain protector products that can help you prevent water from standing in your bath or sink.

1. TubShroom: The Revolutionary Bathtub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare

The TubShroom is unlike any other bathtub drain protector on the market. While related products are merely drain covers, you can pop the TubShroom inside all standard tub drains. This bathtub drain protector catches hair without blocking your water's flow. 

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While there are other models of this item, the original TubShroom's flexible silicone helps keep it in place and prevents it from sliding around in your shower drain or tub drain. Unlike OXO Good Grips and similar items, this helpful product keeps your plumbing clean for longer with minimal effort. The company also has videos available that cover even more product information on how this item keeps standing water out of your bath.

The TubShroom is available for $12.99 at

2. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is a more immediate fix if you are past purchasing a preventative product. If you need help clearing your tub drain, Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver would have to be your best bet, without question. 

Liquid grease remover

This chemical cleaner dissolves hair, paper, and grease in any stainless steel kitchen sinks or tub drains. With Green Gobbler, you don't need to worry about messing with a bathtub drain protector or drain cover. Just make sure to read the directions and pour the recommended amount down your bathtub drain and sit back while it clears your bathtub drain from hair and other debris in minutes.

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is safe for your tub drains and associated pipes, too. It doesn't contain any bleach or sodium hydroxide like similar items, but you should still store it away from children. One of the main benefits of this helpful solution listed in many customer reviews is its pre-measured applications. You can save time scraping and pulling hair out of your bathtub drain by using Green Gobbler to keep your tub drains free of debris.

A 31-ounce bottle of Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is available for $11.97 at

3. ShowerShroom Revolutionary 2-Inch Stand-Up Shower Stall Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare 

Those with stand-up shower stalls that need a drain protector should look no further than this next TubShroom product. The ShowerShroom is intended explicitly for shower stall drains, and the company does not recommend using this product within your bathtub or bathroom sink.

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Like the TubShroom, the ShowerShroom catches hair without blocking your drain, and the silicone construction of the drain protector helps keep it in place over time and prevents it from sliding around in the drain. 

Cleaning the ShowerShroom is easy, too. Just pop the drain protector out of your drain, clear any hair or debris that it collected, and pop the item back to the drain. Unlike a drain cover, the ShowerShroom gathers hair in its silicone rim that might otherwise get stuck in your drain.

The company has videos for the ShowerShroom that can be helpful to any potential customer that may want to purchase it.

The ShowerShroom is available for $14.99 at

4. OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector for Flat and Pop Up Drains

The OXO Good Grips bathtub drain protector works with both flat and pop-up drains thanks to its dome shape. The OXO Good Grips has weights to keep it in place, too, and the silicone rim of the OXO Good Grips sits flush with the tub to stop hair and other debris from traveling down your drain.


Drain protector


OXO Good Grips will stand the test of time and last for years due to the dome shape and OXO rust-free design. The average customer review rates the OXO Good Grips with 4 out of 5 stars, and most reviews state that OXO Good Grips' dome shape makes the item easy to get clean. Many reviews also say that they would recommend the OXO product to another customer. 

The OXO Good Grips bathtub drain cover could be your next purchase to keep your bathtub drain clean. 

The OXO Good Grips is available for $6.99 on

5. SinkShroom Revolutionary Bathroom Sink Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare

The SinkShroom is another drain protector product that can help get your drain into shape and stay clean. Similar to the design of other items in the TubShroom product line, the SinkShroom sits down in your stainless steel sink's drain, and the silicone rim catches hair and debris that would get caught in your pipes without a drain protector.

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The SinkShroom's product design is excellent and helps keep it in place while the product is in use. The compatibility question comes up in a few customer reviews, but TubShroom does not recommend the SinkShroom for any drains other than those in bathroom sinks.

Keep compatibility in mind when you purchase a drain protector. While some bathtub drain protector products can function across multiple drainage systems, others are more specific in their design. 

You will see the difference for yourself the first time you pop the SinkShroom from the pipe to clean it.

The SinkShroom is available for $14.99 at

6. Vastar 19.6-Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool

The Vastar Drain Snake is not a preventative measure product but a purchase that you can make to clean your drain before putting a preventative bathtub drain protector in place. A snake for your shower, sink, or bathtub drain is a good first step you can take to get your drain free of hair and debris. 

Drain snake

The Vastar Drain Snake is long, flexible, and barbed to grab hair or anything else that might become lodged in place within your bathtub drain. The flexibility of a drain snake means that it works on flat and pop-up drains. 

If you do not keep a bathtub drain protector or related item in your tub, you will see the kind of debris you could prevent the first time you use your snake.

These items are available in a 3-pack for $8.99 at

7. StopShroom Ultimate Universal Stopper Plug for Bathtub, Bathroom, and Kitchen Sink Drains 

StopShroom is a different kind of bathtub drain protector. Instead of allowing water to flow through it, the StopShroom protector keeps your pipes free of debris by preventing water from entering altogether. 

Great Gadgets

The best part of StopShroom is that it works with related TubShroom products. You just need to install your bathtub drain protector in place first, and then you can place StopShroom right on top.

Online reviews indicate that customers love this item. With a rating of almost 5 out of 5 stars, it might be time to consider a ShroomStop to place in your bath, shower, or stainless steel sink.

The StopShroom is available at

8. Drano Max Gel Clog Remover and Cleaner for Shower or Sink Drains

Drano might be more of a household name than OXO and other brands on this list, and for a good reason. Reviews show that Drano can get your bath or sink into usable condition again. However, Drano does contain harsh chemicals, and you should make sure you store it away from children. 

Drano clog remover

Using Drano is simple: pop the cap and pour it in the proper place. You might have to let the product work for a few minutes first before flushing your pipes with water. However, you will quickly see how tough Drano is on debris and how easily it can keep your pipes free of hair.

However, an item like Drano Max Gel works best when combined with a bathtub drain protector. Rid your pipes of debris first, and then use a TubShroom or OXO protector to keep them debris-free.

An 80-ounce bottle of Drano Max Gel is available for $21.71 at

9. ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger, Squeegee, Clog Remover, Cleaner, Bathroom Toilet Dredge Tool, Stainless Steel Handle With Caddy Holder

ToiletShroom is a different product from the other items that we have seen in this review. Instead of flat or pop-up drain protection, the ToiletShroom keeps your toilet clog-free. 

Clog free

Unlike traditional plungers, the ToiletShroom can break debris-free in your toilet with its flexible head that cleans your toilet deeply. With the head made from silicone, stainless steel caddy to store it in, and natural ABS plastic, there's no question that the ToiletShroom can keep your toilet free of clogs for years to come.

Reviews online rate the ToiletShroom with 4.2 out of 5 stars, placing it on par with other TubShroom and OXO items. The average customer review gives praise for the high-quality silicone, stainless steel, and overall sturdiness of the ToiletShroom.

The ToiletShroom is available for $16.99 at

10. TubShroom Ultra Revolutionary Bath Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare

The final TubShroom product on the list is the TubShroom Ultra. Unlike the predecessor's silicone, stainless steel is the main difference between the TubShroom and TubShroom Ultra. Reviews of the product claim that the new stainless steel design makes for easier cleaning.

Easier cleaning

Unlike the OXO dome design, you have to pop the TubShroom Ultra down into your pipe for it to work. After a little use, you will see just what would have wound up down your pipes when you clean the Ultra for the first time. 

Online reviews of the TubShroom Ultra give it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Put those reviews to the test and see for yourself how the Ultra can prevent clogs in your bath.

The TubShroom Ultra is available for $14.99 at

What Is the Best Protector for You?

TubShroom, OXO, Green Gobbler, Drano, and Vastar all make great cases for keeping your pipes clean, but if you had to choose one, which should it be? If you need immediate action, a chemical cleaner might be your best option for clearing debris quickly. 

However, as preventative measures, the TubShroom items make excellent tools for keeping your bath, sink, or shower clean. The company makes specific products for all kinds of household pipes and even offers products that work together to tackle drainage issues. The OXO Good Grips and Vastar snake give decent alternatives, but the Vastar and OXO items can't match TubShroom's efforts.

TubShroom is easy to install, easy to clean, and is out of sight, unlike the OXO cover. The dome shape of the OXO might be great for preventing debris from entering your pipes, but it's unsightly and can get in the way if you want to soak in your bath. 

Are you looking to eliminate plumbing problems and clogged drains for good? Look no further than our complete 'Shroom drain protection line! We have award-winning solutions for every drain in your home.