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In 2016, Juka Innovations Corporation was started by a couple of long-time friends in Glen Cove, NY. Serge Karnegie and his wife, Elena, kept having to clean out their ever-clogging bath tub drains. The couple have two young daughters and multiple pets in their apartment, so it's no surprise that their drains clogged up so often. They partnered up with some close colleagues to bring the invention to life via crowdfunding platforms. The response was overwhelming and TubShroom was born. Now, thousands trust their drains to TubShroom on a daily basis.

Our Mission

From day one, we set out to revolutionize drain protection and that hasn't changed. Our goal is to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals to clean out clogged drains and to make peoples' lives easier along the way.

Insert Tubshroom™ in the drain. No special installation is required.
You’ll look forward to cleaning your strainer! Wet or dry, hair comes right off.

What We've Done

Not only have we raised over $200,000 in pre-orders through crowdfunding, we have established our brands as the go-to drain protectors on the market. Slowly but surely, we are finding ways to protect every drain in your bathroom so you can avoid hassles and expensive plumbing bills.

Works great with dog and cat hair. Bathing a shedding furry friend can yield lots of hair, but TubShroom, ShowerShroom and SinkShroom handle it with ease.


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