Most people like to assume that when they let the water run, whatever's in the drain can be removed by the stream without any hitch. Unfortunately, though, icky things like drain flies like to stay and linger in the pipes even with the rushing water and droplets that go through the opening.

Commonly found in the drains of bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and floor drain, drain flies are pesky and unsightly creatures that can appear and invade the home in a very short amount of time. To find out more about drain flies and how you can prevent them from getting into the house, read on.

What Are Drain Flies?

drain flies

Drain flies are small, winged insects that are found in accumulated sewerage, animal excrement, and rotting organic materials. They can also dwell in drains and pipes because of the leakages in the pipes.

They are often attracted to odors that are found in a bathroom but can easily move to other parts of the house. They normally breed in excessive moisture and residues that are found in drains and sewers.

Where Do Drain Flies Frequent?

The name can be a tad bit misleading, as drain flies are not flies at all, nor do they have anything to do with the flies you commonly see flying around the house. Drain flies are known to dwell in the drain and pipes or in urban areas with excessive moisture. 

As indicated above, the most common area where these flies can be found in your home is the bathroom. They can thrive in the small, enclosed space of the toilet, especially when it is not flushed properly. Homeowners can also find them in the kitchen.

What Else Gets Stuck in the Drain?

Drain flies aren’t the only things that get stuck in your home. Sometimes hair, dirt, and even soap can get stuck in the drains. Although it's tempting to plunge or pour boiling water into the drains hoping to clean them, this is not the best way to accomplish this task.

These pests and blockages can cause many different kinds of problems in your home. Not only do they present a health hazard, but they can also cause serious damage to the surfaces of your home. Plus it can be just be a inconvenience when the water doesn’t go down properly anymore.

What Can You Do Against Drain Flies?

Prevention is the best way to tackle drain flies and anything else that would get stuck in your drain. Invest in a good minimalist strainer that will effectively filter out the pests or big chunks of the debris, which in the end will make your drain fly-free.

It's also a good idea to practice good hygiene with drain usage and to periodically check the drain for anything that shouldn't be there. When you see or smell something, don't delay in getting rid of it. Plunge it out or use a plumbing snake to take care of it.


Drain flies are not something homeowners should take lightly, as they are capable of causing blockages or leaks in the pipes. They can be incredibly frustrating, but with proper maintenance and care, they can easily be avoided. 

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