Indeed, bathtub drain stoppers are required for full tub enjoyment. They allow you to sit back, relax, and wind down after stressful days. Of course, we all want these precious moments to run smoothly. As such, finding the perfect bathtub drain stopper is essential! 

Now, they come in a variety of styles, each of which serves a slightly different purpose in terms of keeping your tub full. Bathtub drain stoppers keep the tub's water level stable, allowing it to be filled. There are several types, each with a distinct function. Read on to discover more about the different types of bathtub drain stoppers.

The Round Ring Drain Stoppers

Tub stoppers with rings were once a popular design. They are manually inserted into the drain and chained to the tub. To drain your tub, simply cover the drain hole with a round stopper and lift it out by the ring. 

Installing bathtub drain stoppers that require a toe touch is more difficult. They are a type of spring-loaded toe-operated bathtub drain stopper. They eliminate the need to bend, making them an excellent addition to your tub. 

The Toe-Touch Stoppers

Toe-touch stoppers can clog bathtub drains. Simply push them again to let them go. 

The rubber seal keeps the water inside the tub. The seal may wear out over time, but it is easily replaceable. 

The Lift-And-Turn Stoppers

With a twist of the hand, stoppers with a lift-and-turn mechanism open and close. To close, align the stopper pin with a notch in the drain. The stopper is then inserted into the drain. It locks in place after a slight turn. 

The stoppers are released by twisting the opposite hand in the opposite direction. They are typically spring-loaded and return to the open position when the stopper's pin misaligns with the drain's notch. 

The Flip-It Drain Stoppers

Flip-it drain stoppers are placed in drain openings and then flipped 180 degrees. This compresses the rubber seal against the drain's edges, effectively obstructing water flow. To reopen, simply reverse the lever and lift the stopper from the drain. 

A flip-it stopper's rubber seal can wear out over time. They're easy to replace and should bring your stopper back to life. 

The Pop-up Drain Stoppers

Some bathtub drain stoppers, such as pop-up drain stoppers, have levers or knobs. A rod connects the lever or knob to the stopper's rocker arm. To remove the stopper, simply lower the lever or twist the knob in the opposite direction. 

The Trip-Lever Drain Stopper

Another type of lever-operated bathtub stopper is the trip-lever drain stopper. They work by connecting the drain stopper to a concealed lever behind the bathtub. When the lever is raised, the stopper prevents the tub from draining. The lever is lowered to drain the tub. Trip levers are frequently linked to plunger-style stoppers hidden within the tub. Instead, a strainer is used to cover the drain.


Well, who knew that there could be a great number of bathtub drain stoppers out there? Now that you know the different types, you can explore the different possibilities each could do for your bathtub. This way you can also assess which suits your lifestyle the best!

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