While we often see longer hair clamp up the drain of the shower, know that it’s the shorter hairs that get through the holes. And it’s these smaller hairs that actually clog our drains! As such, you may want to stop shaving in the shower. 

Read on to understand how hair shavings clog your shower drains (and why you should stop shaving in the shower right now).

What Shaving in the Shower Does to Your Drains

Hair may seem harmless. However, hair is unfortunately an excellent clog-causing substance in a wide range of plumbing systems. It is insoluble in water, and even powerful drain cleaners cannot dissolve it.

We already know very well that longer and finer hairs can tangle in the drain. They tend to cluster due to the shower oils which are frequently derived from your skin and cleaning goods. This is similar to why you should never dump fatty substances, such as cooking oils, down your shower drain. Hair and oil do not get along, especially when it comes to clogging the drain.

Shower shaving will aggravate a clogged drain caused by soap residue, hard water, and the tangling of long hairs. 

The Strange Smell and Odors

Strange smells or unfamiliar odors coming from sinks and plugholes offer a stench you may dislike. This is usually due to stagnant water and debris such as food scraps, hair, and soap that accumulate behind the sewer blockage. In time, your nose will pick the scent up and you will want to fix it!

Avoiding Clogged Shower Drains

If you already shave in the shower, you are almost probably clogging it without even realizing. And to avoid or fix blockages, you may think of using harsh chemicals as a solution. To prevent future possible clogging, install a drain screen to protect hair from entering through. While this will require cleaning after each use, you also avoid having to use harsh chemicals.

If you use your bathroom sink, keep it free of clogs. While shaving at the bathroom sink, use a towel, newspaper, or other temporary solution to catch hair. You can also purchase drain screens for these drains.

Unclogging a Hair-Clogged Shower Drain

If your shower drains slowly or not at all after shaving, your hair is most likely contributing to the clog. Drain chemicals will be ineffective in this scenario. Caustic chemicals combat hair disintegration tooth and nail. If they are strong enough to disintegrate hair, they can also cause pipe damage, leading to more significant issues.

The thing with using harsh caustic chemicals is that its benefits are momentary and temporary. Without them, your drain will become clogged but at the same time you could put your health at risk. At the same time, such harsh chemicals could damage your pipes and make your plumber's job even more difficult. As such, avoid putting anything down your drains and leave it up to the professionals to fix.


Nobody likes drained clogs. To keep your drains clean, avoid letting things like hair, food particles, and trash build up in there! This way, you don’t have to resort to using harsh caustic chemicals or have emergency plumbing services which are costly and time-consuming.

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