Many homeowners have dealt with their showers backing up with water and leaving them standing in ankle-deep water. Thankfully, this problem doesn't always require the help of a professional to resolve. The issue may just be because there's hair clogging the drains. Why does hair end up clogging the drains of your shower?

There are many reasons for this problem, so let's examine them and learn more about how you can prevent this from happening.

1. We Lose Lots of Hair Every Day

This is an obvious answer to the question of where all this hair goes, but it's an important point. Most people lose 50 to 100 hair strands daily. In addition, as people age, their hair tends to become drier and fall out more easily.

Consequently, you'll find hair clogging your shower drain more often than you did when you were younger. It's important to remember that our hairs are naturally coarser than those of other animals. This is why our hair tends to stick together and promote even further clogging.

2. Hair Usually Expands When Wet

Another reason why hair clogs the drain is because of how hair expands when it's wet. While some people may be able to easily pull out a clog, many people find this difficult because their hair swells when it's wet. Because of this, it's even more difficult to clean off the drain of the shower.

3. Our Hair Carries All Sorts of Oils

If you've ever noticed a build-up of oil on your hair after using conditioner, you know what it looks like and how it occurs. This is actually a natural occurrence in hair. In addition, due to how our hair is naturally drier as we age, more oils are produced.

When our hair goes down the drain, it takes all of these oils with it. In fact, even the hair products we use can cause further clogging in our drains. It is important to consider this when cleaning your hair.

4. Hair Usually Has Multiple Gripping Points

Hair usually contains multiple gripping points. This is why it can wrap around hairbrush bristles, curling and straightening irons, and even roller curlers. When it comes to your shower drain, hair can wrap around the hair or hair strands that are already sticking out of the drain. This is why it's so important to keep your drains clean and clear, to avoid a potential super-clog each time you take a shower. 

5. Long Hair Promotes Clogging

One reason why long hair can cause clogging is that it's more difficult to clean off a drain. In addition, long hair is usually dryer as we age and also tends to have more oils. This is because people with long hair often condition it, which causes more oils to be released. When long hair is combined with oil, this can cause serious clogging.


Backups in your shower are never fun. While shower clogs aren't anything new, they typically don't occur more than once a month. If the clogs happen more frequently, the above reasons may be why. By looking into this information and considering how to prevent these problems from happening, you can easily keep your shower drains clear for years to come.

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