A bathtub that drains slowly or not at all is not exactly a pleasant sight if you just want a nice bath after a long day. If you have to take a bath every day, this can be a real problem that drains your energy and soul.

So, if you have a bathtub that drains slowly and you want to know why, here are some of the most common reasons.

Body and Hair Products

One thing that can clog your bathtub drain is the body and hair products you use. Pouring conditioner and hair products into the drain instead of your hand or the sink is a very common mistake.

A little bit of hair product can actually be enough to clog the drain and cause it to slow down or even stop draining. The body and hair products can also make their way into the drain and clog up the whole system.

You should be careful with the amount of body and hair products that you pour down the drain. Once you notice that your bathtub drains slowly, you can check to see if there’s any hair product in it.

Dirt and Grime

The bathroom can be a very dirty place, especially when you consider that most of the time, you use your bathtub for taking a nice, long bath. On top of that, you also use your bathtub to cleanse your body, so it can get dirty pretty quickly.

Dirt and grime are the things that can clog up the whole system. Hair products are bad enough, but dirt and grime can really do some damage. This is why you should make sure that your bathroom is clean and as dust and dirt-free as possible. You should also regularly clean your bathtub.

Never try to clean your bathtub drain with any household product that may be lying around the house. You should only use the chemicals specifically designed for the bathtub drain. If you don’t clean your bathroom and bathtub drain regularly, there’s a high chance that your bathtub drain will clog.

Hair in the Drain

Hair may seem like a minor thing to get rid of, but it can slow down your bathtub drain. This is actually because of the very nature of hair: small in size and can quickly get stuck in multiple places.

It can get stuck in the bathtub drain, and when water passes through it, hair will get pulled into the drain. This will keep the water going in and not coming out, which will end up causing your bathtub drain to clog.

Even if the hair managed to get into the drain, you could prevent a clog by using a drain cover or a strainer. This can prevent hair from being pulled into the drain and causing clogs.

Hair Ties

Hair ties can also cause a lot of problems with clogs. If you have long hair, you probably keep hair ties with you all the time to tie your hair up in case you can’t find a hair clip or a hairband. 

When you remove your hair tie, you can accidentally drop it into the bathtub drain, and you won’t even notice it at first. Once it’s already in the drain, there’s nothing you can do to get it out.

This is when you will have to use a drain cover or a strainer to prevent a hair tie from going down the drain and getting stuck. If it’s already in there and you can’t avoid it, you can call for a professional plumber to take care of it.


Having a bathtub that drains slowly is frustrating and can also be dangerous. If your bathtub drain is clogged, there’s a high chance that it can flood the bathroom.

You should be careful of your bathtub drain because it affects the rest of the plumbing in your home. This means that if the drain is clogged, all pipes and drains connected to it will also be obstructed, leading to a slowdown in the whole system.

If you have a bathtub that drains slowly, check the drain to see if anything clogged it. Consider calling a professional plumber to take care of it.

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