Did you live in a household where you were told not to shave in the drain sink to prevent clogs even though you know it’s easier to shave there than in the shower? a

Yes, it’s easier to shave in the sink, but that convenience comes at the cost of a clogged drain. Over time, hair and soap can start clogging a drain—you won't notice a problem for a while until the water gurgles down the drain – if it does at all. Clogged sink drains aren’t always fixable, especially if the clog has been building up.

The great news is you can still shave without clogging the sink drain by using these tips:

Don’t Fill the Sink Drain with Water

The sink is not the best place to rinse your razor after shaving. This bad habit can quickly clog your drain and leave you with no options for rinsing your razor. Don't fill the sink with water. Instead, fill a coffee mug or bowl with hot water to rinse your razor. If the water in the mug or bowl becomes dirty, dump it and pour bathtub or kitchen sink water. 


Alternatively, prepare two cups of hot water, then dunk your razor in the first cup of water to remove most of the shaving cream. Finally, rinse it thoroughly in the second cup.

Don’t Rinse the Lather in the Sink Drain

Using both shaving cream and shaving soap can clog your drain. If you want to avoid hair clogs and create an effective lather, you should rinse your razor in a hot bowl of water. Shaving soap provides a thick lather for your razor, but the suds will not clog your drain if you rinse your razor in a bowl with warm water.

Prep Your Sink Drain

Electric razors cause hairs to fly everywhere, making it difficult to dispose of them properly. Cover the sink with a garbage bag or paper towels to prepare for a clean shave. Ensure that the sink bowl is completely covered to discourage stray hairs from escaping. If you have a large mirror, get a shaving mat that won’t slip and trap stray hairs. 

Alternatively, keep a disposable soup spoon or plastic fork next to your sink to scoop up stray hairs as you scrape them out. Don’t bother cleaning up the sink before you start shaving. Instead, use this opportunity to clean the sink thoroughly and eliminate stray hairs. Then, when you’re done shaving, wipe the sink one last time and throw away any hair you find inside.

Use a Proper Sink Drain Insert

Before using the sink for shaving, remove the plug and place a proper sink drain insert on top. This unique device catches hair to avoid clogging the sink. This special drain catcher also catches jewelry if you drop it in the sink.

Use a Drain Auger Afterwards

Use a drain auger after shaving to keep your drain free from clogs. Brush hair over the sink, and it'll end up in the gutter a few strands at a time. A drain auger keeps hair from building up in your pipes. Drain augers are cheap but take up some space. There are drain snakes that stick to the side of your tub or furniture for something smaller. 

Don't use chemical drain cleaners since they eat through pipes. Instead, use baking soda and vinegar, or a solution of hot water, detergent, and bleach.


If you want the simplest solution to a clogless sink drain, it’s this — shave regularly, as in trim your facial whiskers every week. These regular preening sessions will result in smaller hairs that easily wash off in the sink drain or shower without causing any clogs. But even if the hairs removed are shorter, remember to follow the above tips, so your drains are always in good working order.

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