If your shower gurgles as it empties, don't wait until your bathroom plumbing causes a disaster. You can spot warning signs that will inform you of an issue before it becomes backed up.

If your bathroom drains aren't working properly, it can indicate a more serious issue with the drainage system in your home.

Try some of the practical suggestions below to fix your drains and save yourself some headaches.

Make Use of Septic-Safe Drain Cleaners

Bathroom sink drains become clogged with soap residue over time. The residue accumulates more quickly in bathrooms where more people use it. This explains why you notice more clogged drains when your family visits over the holidays.

Your natural reaction is to grab the plunger when a drain becomes clogged. Although the buildup is still in the drain pipe, it might help to loosen the obstruction. You'll have to plunge into the sink or shower again if you don't get it out.

You might avoid calling a plumber by using a homemade drain cleaner prepared from vinegar and baking soda

The solution breaks down the remaining soap. To ensure that the residue doesn't adhere to another area of the pipe, rinse the drain with hot water afterward.

Septic systems can safely use some commercial drain cleaners. When utilizing these products, exercise caution. In order to avoid damaging the drain pipes, always follow the instructions.

Sticky Clogs Require Snaking

Not all bathroom jams are caused by soap scum. A hairball may be lodged in your shower or sink if it is draining slowly.

Humans can lose up to 100 hair strands every day. A large portion of that eventually drains away while you take your daily shower.

Hair must be allowed to disintegrate for a while in the drainpipe for drain cleaners to work. A leak may result if a corrosive solution is kept in a pipe for too long.

A coiled wire is used to create plumbing snakes. The rotating action clears the obstruction when you put it down the drain.

Avoid applying excessive force when utilizing a plumbing snake. The snake might break the drain pipe. If that occurs, you'll need to get a plumber right away to fix the problem.

Examine the Vents

Vents are necessary for any plumbing system to control air pressure. Water won't flow freely without vents. In pipes without a vent, standing water leaves residue and clogs.

Plumbing vents also redirect sewer fumes, so they leave your house. Drains with blocked vents have a foul odor. Your roof is where these vents ascend. Water cannot enter the vent pipe due to the design.

Sadly, it also makes the vent pipe susceptible to obstruction. A bird's nest and debris such as dirt, leaves, twigs, and pipe corrosion are typical reasons for vent blockage.

Your drainage system experiences negative pressure when the vent is closed. When there is negative pressure, a clogged drain appears to be present. 

However, snaking the drain won't solve the issue completely.

It can be risky to unclog plumbing vents. To solve the issue, contact a specialist. They have every piece of safety gear required to get to the roof and take care of the problem.

Get a TubShroom™

A TubShroom™ makes people's lives easier by doing away with the necessity for dangerous chemicals to unclog drains.

Two lifelong friends founded Juka Innovations Corporation in Glen Cove, New York, in 2016. Elena and Serge Karnegie frequently had to clear their consistently clogged bathtub drains. 

They then collaborated with a few close friends and coworkers to use crowdfunding websites to realize their innovation, and TubShroom™ was created in response. 

Thousands of people now depend on TubShroom every day to clean their drains.


If your shower or bathroom sink drain is noisy, the suggestions above are some of the few things you can apply to resolve the problem. If neither of those solutions works, you may need to call a plumber to take a look at your drain.

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