A drain clogged with hair is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen to a bathroom. Just as you're ready to take a relaxing soak or jump in for a quick shower to start your day, you can feel dirty water pooling around your feet. Instead of leaving the tub feeling clean, backed-up scummy water leaves you feeling less than refreshed.

You could try pouring chemical-based drain cleaners down the drain to break up clumps of hair, but drain cleaners that damage your pipes are not a sustainable solution. Running a snake might restore the flow of water in a pinch, but there is an easier way.

TubShroom is an affordable bathtub hair collector that fits neatly inside your drain. Unlike a traditional drain cover, TubShroom works great for all kinds of baths and showers because it fits snug inside your shower drain. This lets users catch all kinds of hair, human and pet alike. When it is time to clean up, simply wipe the TubShroom down with a paper towel or piece of toilet paper and go back about your day--without mess, fuss, chemical-based drain cleaners, or hefty bills from the plumber.

Say Goodbye to Gross, Clogged Drains

The average human loses at least 50 strands of hair per day. However, people with particularly lush hair may drop four times that much. People who only wash their hair a few times per week may lose hundreds of strands in a single shampoo and conditioning session. Not every drain protector is positioned to catch so much hair flowing down the drain at one time.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 1

Whereas a typical shower drain cover might go over the drain, compounding backup problems, the TubShroom fits inside neatly. This is the ideal spot for neatly collecting hair around the drain before it gums up your pipes.

A TubShroom hair strainer fits almost any bathtub drain with a snug fit and can be adjusted to fit any standard shower/tub drain with a diameter of 1.5" to 1.75". It works great to catch every hair that tries to muck up your pipes, whether your mane is straight or frizzy, long or short, thick or thin. And if Fido ever needs a shower, keep in mind that a TubShroom device protects your shower/tub drain from all kinds of hair, human and pet alike.

A lot of undesirable material can grow in a gunked-up pipe without proper water flow. Mold and mildew might come to mind, but in extreme cases, even large fungi such as mushrooms may take root in your pipes.

The TubShroom is one mushroom you won't mind taking up residence in your drain. With a simple but reliable design and tough, easily cleaned construction material, placing this mushroom inside your shower tub helps fend off other mushrooms and is the perfect addition to a clean, tidy bathroom.

With kitchen devices and a model specially crafted to catch cooking refuse, TubShroom products can leave your house looking and feeling clean. You may be amazed at just how much hair your family members and pets send streaming toward the drain. With a TubShroom in place, you will capture all this clogging material and put a stop to the problem before you ever need to call a plumber.

A Brief History of Drain Protection

Humans have been practicing drain protection for thousands of years with varying degrees of success. The first recorded use of a drain protector dates back to approximately 3500 BCE. Back then, sewer engineers constructed manholes out of stones or wooden planks covering sewage trenches. These early types of maintenance hole covers stayed in use for thousands of years.

Iron manhole covers began appearing in the 1800s, but each drain cover could weigh up to 300 pounds. As humanity has moved into the modern age with greater access to indoor plumbing, people have clamored for a more effective form of in-home drain strainer to keep pace and offer protection from hair clogs in their houses' plumbing.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 2

In 2016, Serge Karnegie and his wife, Elena, of Glen Cove, NY, became exasperated after cleaning their daughters’ and pets’ hair out of their bathroom drains. Partnering with some close friends and colleagues, they developed the concept of TubShroom and established Juka Innovations Corporation and used crowdfunding platforms to raise $200,000 to manufacture the TubShroom product now loved by millions.

The TubShroom shower drain protector swaps out heavy, rusty cast iron for durable plastic or clean stainless steel. Bathtub hair stopper devices made with these materials are handsome and lightweight but durable enough that they won't need to be replaced every time you're ready to empty all the collected hair.

In fact, this drain strainer is remarkably easy to clean. When it is time to clean up, simply wipe down the TubShroom with a piece of toilet paper or a paper towel to collect the hair for easy disposal. You might also give it a more thorough washing every now and then as needed to clear up any soap scum or shampoo gunk.

The TubShroom Difference

A wise man once said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Without an effective bathtub drain cover, you might spend all day cleaning clogged drains. Using a device specifically engineered to catch all kinds of hair, you can prevent costly and time-consuming cleanup sessions down the road.

The TubShroom is one mushroom-shaped drain that cleaners will love. TubShroom fits any standard shower/tub drain, effortlessly working as a hair catcher while you clean yourself up.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 3

Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, TubShroom fits inside neatly with a snug grip that allows it to catch material that would clog your pipes, no matter how much hair you throw at it.

You will not have to wait for a backup, and TubShroom takes the guesswork out of deciding when to call a professional. Simply put the TubShroom inside your shower/tub drain and take a few seconds after your bath or shower to wipe out and dispose of all the accumulated hair.

While users should clean the hair out of the TubShroom regularly to keep up with the flow of hair, the device is rugged and does not need to be replaced with each use, just wiped down and occasionally brushed to clear away soap scum and build-up from grime and hair products.

TubShroom Provides Preventative Drain Protection

TubShroom is so popular because it puts a stop to drain clogs before they start. Users report knowing that TubShroom works because they can pull it out and see all the hair that their device has collected each day.

Unlike regular plugs or drain covers, TubShroom collects the hair for you so that you don't have to go fishing around or picking through soap scum after each bath or shower. The TubShroom collects a neat little bundle that users can quickly and easily throw out.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 4

Hair in the TubShroom is hair that isn't washing down the bathtub drain. Many households wait until a blockage forms in their pipes and pour down chemical-based drain cleaners that damage pipes. They can also irritate the skin.

You could hire a professional to snake your bathtub drain, but bills from the plumber will add to the headaches of caring for your bathroom.

Drain cleaners and calls to a professional may work in an emergency, but neither is a sustainable long-term solution. This is especially true if several people share the same bathroom and contribute to hair clogs.

The TubShroom is particularly useful for people with long or curly hair, but the device is so easy and affordable that it is simple to place one in each bath/shower drain.

What Customers Have to Say About Our Mushroom Drain

With tens of thousands of positive reviews online, critics tried this product knowing that TubShroom works, and the device still blew them away. In a professional review, one of them thanks the device for neatly collecting hair around her bathtub drain, despite the fact that she and her girlfriend have hair to rival Cousin Itt and Chewbacca the Wookie.

"I'll never shower without it," Melissa R. wrote on Reviewed.com.

Men and women both have noted that TubShroom is great for all kinds, amounts, and textures of hair. They remarked that the stainless steel was great at maintaining the flow of water and wrote that TubShroom works great every time.

Various styles of TubShroom and related products can boast of average Amazon reviews of more than four stars. Buyers appreciate the devices' affordability and effectiveness. They gave high marks for the durable stainless steel construction material. Reviewers said their TubShroom devices were easy to wash, even in households with many women and girls with long hair.

Apart from regular de-clogging, a simple scrub with a toothbrush every now and then was the only maintenance required to keep the device fresh and clean, one user wrote. Reviewers described TubShroom as easy to clean and install, with adaptors that mean TubShroom fits any standard drain.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 5

Perhaps most of all, reviewers said that TubShroom performed better than a simple drain cover and did exactly what it promised to do. Their TubShrooms kept hair from plugging up the drain without resorting to caustic chemicals.

TubShroom also saved consumers money in the long-term by keeping drains clear all the time. Users escaped the cycle of allowing hair to flow down the drain, facing a blockage, calling a plumber, and repeating. With a few extra seconds at the end of each shower, they were able to take control of their bathroom cleaning without resorting to expensive plumbing services or laborious DIY pipe-snaking sessions that just allowed the problem to repeat down the road.

TubShroom is Great Drain Protector For All Kinds of Drains

Although Juka Innovations Corporation designed the original model for the bathroom, Tubshroom fits any standard tub drain. However, similar items can catch every hair wherever your house needs drain protection.

The SinkShroom strainer fits any standard bathroom sink drain from 1" to 1.25" in diameter. It is perfect for catching head and beard hair. SinkShroom works perfectly for all kinds of bathrooms, with a variety of colors and finishes to match your existing decor.

The ShowerShroom, like the TubShroom, really performs when it comes to collecting hair that falls out while cleaning. However, the ShowerShroom is specifically designed to fit the shower drain in a stall shower. Similar to the TubShroom, the ShowerShroom collects hair before it can make its way into your plumbing and cause backups and other messes.

The Kitchen SinkShroom is a drain cover specifically designed to catch bits of food and cooking waste before they can interfere with your kitchen plumbing. The stainless steel device sits in the drain with a snug fit that keeps food waste out without preventing the flow of water while you clean your dishes, pots, and pans.

What to Do if Your Toilet Drain is Clogged

While most of the TubShroom and related products are preventative, the Juka Innovations Corporation also has a solution for when your toilet drain is already stopped up. The ToiletShroom has received rave reviews as an innovative plunger, dredge tool, and clog remover.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 6

This is a special plunger rather than a drain cover. The ToiletShroom is made with durable stainless steel and flexible plastic, allowing it to follow the twists and turns of your toilet plumbing. This lets users get into hard-to-reach spaces and push out clogs more easily, often in one fell swoop.

Check Out TubShroom Hair Catcher and Keep Hair from Clogging Your Bathroom Sink

TubShroom is an improvement over the traditional drain cover. While the latter can stop hair from entering the pipes, a TubShroom sits inside the drain with a snug fit and does the work of collecting hair itself.

The unit does not need to be replaced after cleaning it out. Merely wipe it down and give it the occasional scrub with a small brush.

The TubShroom strainer fits any standard drain, with various models to fit a bathtub, shower stall, or kitchen sink drain.

The devices are also a good choice for dog and cat lovers, as TubShrooms can collect all kinds of hair, human and pet alike.

If you have noticed that your bath or shower is not draining properly, there is a very good chance that a hair clog is blocking the flow of water through your pipes.

The Heroic Mushrooms that Sprouted in Your Drains 7

In such a situation, many households have turned to chemicals to dissolve the built-up hair. However, these are caustic materials, and drain cleaners that damage pipes may also irritate the skin. At best, they are a stop-gap option, not a permanent solution.

The same can be said of snaking a drain, whether done yourself or through a plumbing service. TubShroom can prevent costly bills from the plumber by collecting hair before it forms a clog.

Are you looking to eliminate plumbing problems and clogged drains for good? Look no further than our complete 'Shroom drain protection line! We have award-winning solutions for every drain in your home.