There are things that you should avoid putting down your kitchen sink, as they can result in clogged sink disposal and lead to costly repairs.

What Trash Should You Not Put in Your Kitchen Sink? 

Due to their size and the chemicals they contain, these are the items that shouldn't go down your kitchen sink. These everyday objects can badly damage the pipes in your kitchen sink.


One sort of food waste that is routinely discarded in the kitchen sink is leftover bones. Even fish bones, which are smaller than those from meat or poultry, can nonetheless build up over time and clog your pipes. 

Beef or poultry bones take a very long time to dissolve, even when crushed in the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink. Only that method can break down little fragments of bone; if you do it repeatedly, the blunted blades from the bones can cause new problems.


You should never, ever, ever let those eggshells go down the kitchen sink. Crushed eggshells, no matter how little they are, can clog a pipe. Additionally, it can help gather other debris flushed down the drain that can clog your kitchen sink. Always throw away eggshells in the trash or compost container.

Foods High in Starch

Much like wheat, rice and pasta are made of starch. Such items shouldn't be placed in your kitchen sink. Some foods continue to swell and absorb water even after cooking. Because, like flour, they get soggy and sticky when exposed to moisture for a lengthy period, they clog your pipes and filter. As much as possible, refrain from letting this food down the kitchen sink.


Flour is a must in every kitchen, along with eggs. Whether you use it to make your favorite waffles or as an ingredient to bake a cake, never let it go down the kitchen sink. Often, not enough water is used for flushing these gooey substances out of the pipes. Additionally, more material will accumulate, creating a sizable sticky blockage.


Grease is one of the substances that clogs drains the most frequently. To collect grease so you can properly dispose of it or any other oil-based substance, you may attach a grease trap to your sink. If you don't have this, you should allow the grease or oil to cool completely before discarding it.


Milk is classified as a highly polluting substance like all dairy products due to its high oxygen consumption. Since water from the kitchen sink also finds its way to the ocean, milk deprives other species, including microscopic fish, of oxygen vital for living. 

In some areas, it is illegal to dispose of milk or other dairy products in the sewers. So, the next time you purchase your preferred dairy item, be sure you'll have time to consume it or dispose of it.

Stickers For Fruits And Vegetables

These stickers are made using special, water-resistant adhesives. Therefore, it is not recommended to dispose of it through your kitchen sink. Making an effort to dispose of items in the trash can is beneficial.

The Right Products Can Help You Fight Clog Buildup

The appropriate supplies are crucial to stop garbage disposal clogs in the future. The Kitchen SinkShroom is the best for preventing clogging in the kitchen sink. 

StopShroom may stop the tendency of plunging to send loose blockages and debris down the opposite drain. Nothing can enter the incorrect sink pipe since the sink stopper has a tight seal.

To stay that way, clean garbage disposal requires your assistance. The StopShroom prevents blockages from entering the incorrect pipe while plunging, and the Kitchen SinkShroom may stop undesired food from entering the unit. 


Many things should not go down your kitchen sink, as they can cause clogs and other problems. Ensure not to put the above mentioned items in the sink as you can run the risk of clogs, drainage problems, and even flooding. It is essential to be mindful of taking steps to avoid clogs, such as using a mushroom drain.

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