What Is A Bidet? How Does It Work?

If you've ever questioned yourself "What is a bidet?" You've landed on the right paragraph. A toilet seat bidet, my friend, is a type of basin used for washing your nether regions. In the simplest of unbaffling terms, it's a bit of a plumbing fixture that helps you wash instead of wipe!

Before you get your knickers in a knot, let's give a good robust squeeze at what a bidet is, how to use a bidet properly, and the bountiful benefits of installing a bidet.

Bidet Operation Explained

A bidet is a handy water gadget stationed next to your toilet tank. Connected to your bathroom's water supply, it springs into action when you're done with your business on the toilet but are feeling a bit grubby.

To use it, you sit or squat, and trigger the controls. This sends out a jet of water, which could be warm or cold, depending on the model and your preference. It shoots upwards from a little nozzle, scrubbing you far better than your regular toilet paper.

Some fancy varieties come with a bidet spray - a warm air-drying option, so you walk away from your encounter feeling super fresh and clean. The origins of a bidet might seem a bit posh, but it's essentially just a very well-aimed water spout for your underside. After you've given it a go, you might even ponder how you managed without one all this while.

Different Types of Bidets

Dive into the realm of bidets, where comfort meets hygiene! From standalone units to portable spritzers, discover various types of bidets designed to help you maintain top-notch cleanliness after you visit the loo.

Standalone Bidets

This model's as old as the hills. It's the first-ever bidet design and resembles a basin, set on the floor right next to your throne. You'll need to shuffle over to it once you're finished on the loo for a proper cleanup. It puts you in control of your cleaning process but be mindful, it might nick a big chunk of space in your bathroom.

Bidet Toilet Seats

A bit less hassle, this one. These seats just tack the bidet onto your existing toilet or comfort station. Swap your bog-standard loo cover for this upgraded version and voila, you've got a bidet without re-plumbing your bathroom. If you fancy something shiny, high-end models have adjustable water temperature, pressure control, and even an in-built air-drying function.

Handheld Bidet Sprayers

Here's where it gets industrious. These devices are tethered to your toilet's water supply and usually held up on the wall, or to the side of the toilet bowl. They're useful because you've got control of where the water jets go. Remember to ease up on the lever though, you wouldn't want Old Faithful in your bathroom, would you?

Portable Bidets

Now, this is the ticket for folks always on the move. Portable bidets are small enough to chuck into your suitcase and can give you a spritz when you're away from home. Most are battery-operated and look like an electric device or squeeze bottle. They're handy to have on camping trips or when you've got to brave the uncertainty of public loos.

Over-the-rim Bidets

This one's an oddball. It's got a sort of tap and spout setup, and water pours down into the basin. To make use of it, you sit with your back or front to the fixtures. Bit weird, but thought you ought to know.

Wall-Hung Bidets

Here's the space-age option. These models are attached to the wall, and it's easy as to clean the floor underneath. Sleek and modern, wall-hung bidets can gussy up your bathroom style. In functionality, they're like standalone bidets, with control over the water's pressure and temperature.

Well, that's a wrap on traditional bidets. Each type of bidet has its quirks and qualities. Whether you're after something small and straightforward or chockers full of features, remember that there's nothing like a bidet to leave you feeling fresh and sparkly.

Is that a Bidet? But Why?

Bidets are quite the rage because they bring in a new level of personal hygiene. Also, bidets are a practical alternative to the traditional wash-and-wipe method.

Instead of the kitchen sink sprayer, you've got a bidet sprayer. Instead of just toilet paper, you've got water, both hot and cold. Say ta-ta to wastewater and hello to sustainability, as bidets can help minimise toilet paper use.

Hire A Professional For Your Bidet Toilet Seat

Alright, before you go all gung-ho about setting up a bidet yourself, let's give hiring a professional a thought. Trusted Pros like the folks at Cyber Plumbers are a boon because:

  • You want compatibility with your existing plumbing and toilet seat bidets, right?
  • An easy, fuss-free installation saves you from a plumbing nightmare.
  • Scared of messy water leaks? Not on the pros' watch!
  • Secure warranty coverage and peace of mind.
So, a modern bidet and bidet shower brings with it not just the gift of cleanliness and jazzy features, but also doubles up as a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper use. If you plan to install electronic bidet toilet seats, always reach out to your local professionals, right? Don't worry about doing it all on your own. The good folks over at Cyber Plumbers know all about bidet toilets and they can help you out!