If you have a garbage disposal in your home, it is vital to keep it well-maintained. A garbage disposal can make your life much easier by disposing of food waste quickly and easily. However, if it is not maintained accurately, it can become a source of problems. 

Here are some tips on how to maintain your garbage disposal and keep it running smoothly:

Turn Off the Disposal During Maintenance

It is also a good idea to unplug the unit from the power source before doing any work. This will prevent that there is no risk of electric shock. Once you have turned off the power and unplugged the unit, you can proceed with your maintenance.

Regularly Operate the Garbage Disposal

Food waste can build up in the garbage disposal, and if it isn't regularly run, it can start to smell. Additionally, food waste can attract pests if it isn't correctly disposed of. Running the garbage disposal regularly will help to reduce the amount of food waste in your kitchen and keep your disposal in good working order.

Avoid Products That Harm Disposals

If you have a garbage disposal in your home, it's essential to avoid putting anything down the drain that could damage it. Some everyday items that can damage and cause clogged sink disposal include:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Grease
  • Fruit pits
  • Potato peels

Coffee grounds and eggshells can cause the blades at your disposal to dull over time. Grease and fruit pits can clog your removal, and potato peels can cause it to jam.

Generally, it's best to avoid putting anything down your disposal that isn't food waste. If you're unsure if something is safe to put at your disposal, stay cautious and send it to the trash instead.

Consider Size and Quantity

As we all know, the garbage disposal is integral to keeping our kitchen clean. However, many individuals do not understand that the size and quantity of the garbage we dispose of can have a substantial impact on the environment.

For example, disposing of large items can take up more space in landfills and thus lead to environmental pollution. On the other hand, disposing of large quantities of small things can also be problematic, as they can clog up drainage systems and lead to water pollution.

Therefore, we must consider the size and quantity of the garbage we dispose of to minimize our environmental impact. We can do this by recycling as much as possible and adequately disposing of our garbage.

Use Citrus As A Garbage Disposal Freshener

Citrus fruits are not only delightful, but they can also be used to freshen up your garbage disposal. Simply cut a lemon, lime, or orange in half and toss it down the drain. Let the removal run for a few seconds to chop up the fruit and release its fresh scent. You can do this once a week to keep your disposal smelling clean and fresh.

Prevent Clog Buildup with the Right Products

As a homeowner, you know that clogged sink disposal is a nuisance—combat clog buildup with the right products to keep your drains flowing freely.

A few different types of clogs can occur in your drains. The most common type is grease clog, caused by cooking grease and oil building up in your pipes. Over time, this grease can harden and lead to a blockage. Another common type of clog is a hair clog, which is caused by hair and other debris collecting in your drain.

To combat clog buildup, you need to use the right products. For grease-clogged sink disposal, you need a powerful drain cleaner to break down the grease. For hair clogs, you need a drain cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the hair. 

With the right products, you can keep your drains flowing freely and avoid the hassle of clogged drains.


In conclusion, proper garbage disposal maintenance is key to ensuring that your garbage disposal unit will function properly for years to come. Following the tips outlined in this article, you can keep your garbage disposal unit running smoothly and avoid common issues that can lead to costly repairs.

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