One approach to protect your water tank from getting stinky is to reduce the amount of food waste that goes into it. Someone recently suggested using a TubShroom® to protect objects from falling down the drain. 

The TubShroom is an award-winning, simple device that fits into your drain and prevents hair and food waste from flowing down it. There are several variants available depending on the size of the drain, including ones for the shower and bathroom sink, as well as a Kitchen SinkShroom®.

Why Gray Tanks Get Smelly

Gray water tanks can become smelly for a lot of reasons. The biggest causes of this are overloading the tank, food and hair going down the drain, and a slow-draining tank.

1. Overloading the Tank

This is what a gray water tank is designed to do—compact the solids and store them until they can be carted away. Overloading means the tank will fill and would require a pump out or would need to be emptied by other means. You'll have to clean the pump or open the drain stopper and have a smelly tank and possibly a messy floor to clean up.

2. Food Going Down the Drain

Food stuck in the drain pipe, where it rots and grows bacteria, will begin to smell no matter how well the tank is kept. A TubShroom® sitting in the drain pipe can catch food before it goes down the pipe or down the drain, thus cutting down on the amount of food waste that goes down the pipe.

3. A Slow-Draining Tank

When food and other solids sit in a water tank, they begin to break down, creating an odor problem. When the tank is slow to drain, the solids remain in the tank, give off more odor, and pose a health risk. A TubShroom® sitting in the drain pipe will keep the solids from entering the pipe, so that when the tank drains, the solids are captured by the TubShroom®.


How Tub Shroom® Can Help

When the tank is full, the TubShroom® catches the food and hair before it goes down the drain.

The TubShroom® becomes a solid barrier, keeping all of the food and hair from going down the drain. This is an advantage because the waste doesn't enter the drain pipe, where it can become clogged and cause a backup.

The TubShroom® can catch a large clump of hair that might enter the drain. The pile of hair and food will become an odor problem, but the TubShroom® will catch it in the drain and keep the drain open. The TubShroom® will keep the tank from becoming overstuffed, which can cause an odor problem over time, and it will enable the tank to drain quickly, which makes the gray water system work more efficiently.


If you have a gray tank in your boat, you know that keeping it clean isn't easy. The TubShroom® can help cut down on the amount of food and hair that goes into the tank, and it can keep the tank clean and smelling fresh. It's a clever device that will pay for itself in time.

A gray water tank can be an important part of living on a boat. A gray water tank keeps smells and potential health hazards away from the boat and keeps the water clean, which is good for the environment.

Are you looking to eliminate plumbing problems and clogged drains for good? Look no further than our complete 'Shroom drain protection line! We have award-winning solutions for every drain in your home.


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