Hair catchers will prevent hair and other harmful particles from falling down your drains. Most hair catchers will retail for under $15 and are very much worth it when you compare to expensive plumbing bills. They take away the headache of clogged drains and help protect your home's drains. 

Here are the Top Bathtub Shower Drain Protectors on the Market

TubShroom Ultra Revolutionary Bath Tub Drain Protector


The TubShroom Ultra is a stainless steel bathtub hair stopper that fits snug inside your shower tub drain, effortlessly gathering each and every hair that tries to make its way down your drain. With over 40,000 customer reviews, the TubShroom Ultra has proved to be a success for many homeowners. 

The TubShroom Ultra is very easy to use as all you really need to do is place it inside your shower tub drain. If your drain has a cover, it can usually be removed with a screwdriver in seconds. It is simple to take in and out, and can be cleaned easily. 


TubShroom Originals Silicone Hair Catcher

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This TubShroom drain protector and hair catcher is the silicone version and the original TubShroom model. It is designed to effortlessly catch any type of human or pet hair, preventing clogged drains and costly plumber visits, without disrupting the flow of water. 

While there are other models of this item, the original TubShroom's flexible silicone helps keep it in place and prevents it from sliding around in your shower drain or tub drain. Unlike OXO Good Grips and similar items, this helpful product keeps your plumbing clean for longer with minimal effort. The company also has videos available that cover even more product information on how this item keeps standing water out of your bath.

LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher/Bathtub Drain Cover

Keep hair and debris from clogging your drains with LEKEYE Drain Defender. The dome shape body works well with flat and pop-up drains. The weighted stainless steel and the silicone rim can keep the drain protector in stable position when in use. The tight grip and the holes prevent hairs and other objects from passing into the drain without blocking water drainage.

The LEKEYE Drain Defender will save you time cleaning up your drains, save you money by eliminating the need for plumbers, and will catch every hair! With its stainless steel material, it will last the test of time. 


OXO Good Grips Silicone Shower & Tub Drain Protector

The OXO Silicone Shower & Tub Drain Protector is a silicone drain cover that fits over a tub's drain to catch hair. It has a flexible, non-slip design that fits most standard bathtub drains and is easy to clean. The cover has a small, built-in hair catcher that can be easily removed to dispose of any accumulated debris. This drain protector is made of durable silicone that is resistant to mold and mildew.

It is a popular choice among consumers due to its effectiveness at preventing clogs and its easy maintenance. The OXO Silicone Shower & Tub Drain Protector has received over 45,000 reviews on Amazon and is a great option to protect your drain. 

Danco 10306 Microban Hair Catcher


The Danco Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher has an innovative designed flower-shape with unique tiny pegs that catches and traps unwanted hair and debris along the silicone petals to catch hair and reduce clogging of your drains. This DANCO tub drain strainer, hair catcher will help keep your drains flowing freely.


What Is the Best Protector for You?

The consensus pick is TubShroom as it is easy to install, easy to clean, and is out of sight, unlike the OXO and LEKEYE cover. The dome shape of the OXO and LEKEYE might be great for preventing debris from entering your pipes, but it's unsightly and can get in the way if you want to soak in your bath.

All of the hair catchers mentioned are great options for your house as they will undoubtedly save you money over the long run. Hair catchers eliminate the need for plumbers and is an easy DIY solution to drain clogging issues you may face.


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