What does the bathroom mean to you? It’s where you cleanse your body, gather your thoughts, and set the tone for the day. For some people, this is the place for relaxation, healing, and de-stressing. These bathroom gadgets should assist in making that vision a reality. 

These home gadgets add a dash of technology to everyday bathroom routines to make our daily visit easier to manage at a faster pace. Increase productivity in the shower, tub, toilet, and vanity with these eight bathroom gadgets. It will make your next bathroom trip less stressful.

Programmable Shower Interface

bathroom gadgets: Man holding his phone with a smart home app while in the bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a high-tech smart home wizard with a programmable shower interface. Gain control over showering and bathing routines similar to controlling light bulbs and electronics in the living room.

Turn the shower head on and off, change the water temperature (ex., cold, warm, and hot water), adjust water speed (i.e., fast, medium, slow), and steam level by touch screen/knob, a remote control, a voice command, or an iPhone/iPad. The waterproof or water-resistant bathroom gadget connects to your shower speaker via Bluetooth to control volume and song selection. Furthermore, the digital device saves up to six presets so the whole family can use it for better showering experiences. 

Toilet Night Light

bathroom gadgets: Toilet with a night light

A trip to the restroom at night is a dilemma. You don't want to turn on the bathroom light and disturb other sleepers, but you want to avoid tripping over the shower curtain. A toilet night light can help. 

This bathroom gadget contains a motion sensor notifying you of the toilet's location with a bright illuminating color. Once you open the lid, the same color illuminates the toilet bowl, showing you where the toilet seat is. The toilet night light fits on the interior toilet bowl rim, and you can choose what color you want to illuminate the bowl at night.

Light Vanity Mirror

bathroom gadgets: Woman putting on mascara

Sometimes, the bathroom light is not enough. The light fixture placement is wrong, it's too bright, or it's not bright enough. Regardless, a light mirror in the bathroom will provide concentrated light for bathroom tasks like makeup and eyebrow-plucking. 

A light mirror is a mirror with LED lights on the rim. It comes with preset light colors to create the perfect ambiance in the bathroom. It comes in a rectangular or circular size, and it can be a large bathroom mirror, a portable mirror, or a countertop mirror with a stand. Depending on the product, the bathroom gadget may include motion sensors and/or a magnifying glass as an additional feature. 

Some light mirrors are smart, meaning they include a smartphone app to control the brightness. A smart mirror device may also include an app-controlled dimming feature.


bathroom gadgets: Man holding a chrome TubShroom with hair on it

TubShroom Ultra is a life-saver in drain clog prevention. The silicone bathtub drain strainer comes in several colors. One color, stainless, includes a revamped stainless steel design and a revamped name: TubShroom Ultra. All TubShroom drain protectors fit inside the drain and collect hair from falling into the drain pipe. While other bathtub strainers catch the hair in a messy and tangled pile, the TubShroom wraps loose hair neatly around the cylinder base. It catches jewelry and small objects too. 

After using the bathtub or shower/tub combo, take out the strainer and remove the waste. Next, clean the device by rinsing it with faucet water. Then, re-insert the bathroom gadget.

Electric Toothbrush

bathroom gadgets: Smiling man using an electric toothbrush

Make room in the toothbrush holder for the electric toothbrush. No matter what name brand or store brand you buy, an electric toothbrush will clean your teeth better than a manual toothbrush

The battery-powered or battery-charged bathroom gadget moves the toothbrush head up and down in circular motion at least 1000 times per minute. A manual toothbrush does this 300 times per minute. The toothbrush breaks up plaque and removes it rather than scrubbing off the plaque as a manual toothbrush will do. An electric toothbrush may contain a timer and pressure sensor too. 

The oral health device also comes in a smart version. Smarter toothbrushes contain an app keeping a record of your brushing habits and brushing performance. It responds to Bluetooth technology too. Be sure to change the toothbrush head every 3 to 6 months because the brush bristles can fray and wear down.

Electronic Water Flosser

Smiling woman using an electronic water flosser

Ignoring flossing means missing out on a key part of oral health. However, the flossing process is so tedious that many people skip the routine altogether. Luckily, an electronic water flosser, or water pick, is a great companion to the electric toothbrush

It uses pinpoint accurate water pressure to remove food between teeth and between teeth and gums. There are battery-operated and battery-charging (plugin wall outlet) water flossers on the market. 

Sadly, this bathroom gadget doesn't replace traditional flossing, but the process does reduce the time to concentrate on traditional flossing. It reaches those hard-to-reach areas like the back teeth, gums, and dental work.

Towel Warmer

Towels hanging on a rack and hooks

Why is a towel warmer a must-have item in your bathroom? 

A towel warmer warms towels to the desired temperature. It creates a spa-like experience and keeps the body warm and toasty after a cold, warm, or hot shower. It doubles as a heating source in the bathroom so you don't have to worry about stepping on or touching cold items after taking a shower. Overall, the towel warmer is a luxurious way to rest after a shower or bath. Conversely, use the bathroom gadget as a drying rack for clothes that are too delicate for the dryer.

Most towel warmers are towel racks that heat up and are free-standing or mounted to the wall. Heated towel racks use electric outlets, connect to a light switch, or use hydronic (water) methods to heat the rack. However, this towel warmer is a free-standing container that can warm two large towels at once or a blanket and a robe. There are also smart towel warmers that respond to apps, Bluetooth, or voice commands.


Man holding a spool of hair above a bathtub drain with ShowerShroom

Available in white and gray, the ShowerShroom drain catcher is the shower version of TubShroom. As hair slides through the grates, it neatly wraps around its cylinder base. It also catches small objects before they enter the drain pipe. The hair catcher ensures water can drain freely without hindrance. 

Use the top handle to insert and re-insert the catcher. The removable bathroom gadget is easy to rinse, dislodge hair from, and reinsert. If you prefer to sit the drain catcher on top of the drain rather than inside the grates, ShowerShroom Ultra is also available.

Find Bathroom Gadgets to Destress Your Routine

Phone on the edge of a bathtub with a woman relaxing in the background

While there are so many nifty bathroom gadgets not covered in this article that deserve your attention, these are the best of the best. These convenient products exist to make your bathroom experience faster, easier, and/or more enjoyable. Do add these functional bathroom accessories to your bathroom, including the TubShroom and ShowerShroom

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