Have you been longing to finally soak in the bathtub after a long day to relax your body and mind? If so, you might be well on your way to filling your tub with plenty of warm water! On the other hand, if you're interested in trying that cold therapy you've been hearing about to cure your sore muscles, you might be thinking of filling your tub with ice. Either way, you want to sit there soaking in the tub to achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, there's one problem: the water keeps going down the drain! How do you fix this? Well, with a bathtub stopper! Today, let's talk about what a bathtub stopper is and the types there are:

What Are Bathtub Stoppers?

A bathtub stopper is a small, usually round piece of rubber or silicone that fits snugly into the drain of a tub. Its job is simple: to stop or limit the amount of water entering the drain! 

What Types of Bathtub Stoppers Are There?

There are two main types: suction and push-button. Suction stoppers attach to the bottom of the tub with suction cups, while push-button stoppers sit on top of the drain.

Suction Bathtub Stopper

Suction bathtub stoppers work very simply: you simply press it on top of the drain hole itself, and it'll just stay there. With the help of water pressure, the rubber will stay in put, and quite tightly at that!

When it comes to installation, suction bathtub stoppers are easy to install and remove, making them a good choice for those who don't want to deal with screws or nails. To use one, simply place it over the drain and press down firmly until it's secure. When you're ready to drain the water, just lift up on the center ring to break the seal and allow water to flow out. These stoppers work best on smooth surfaces, though. If your tub has textured sides, look for another type of stopper like the one we'll talk about below.

Push-Button Bathtub Stopper

Push-button bathtub stoppers don't work like their suction counterparts. They are usually designed to be attached to the drain itself, where you can simply push down the plug of the drain and push again to lift them up. Push-button bathtub stoppers have a knob that sits atop the drain opening. That's what you'll push when you want to take a bath or let water out. Some models also come with an overflow plate that covers holes in older drains (this can be helpful if your Tub doesn't have an overflow valve). 

To install one of these devices, first, make sure there's no debris in either hole around the drain or the actual drain itself. In this case, a toothpick can help with this task. Then, unscrew the old cap and screw on the new hand tightly. You can use pliers to help you if necessary, and be sure to trim any excess caulking around the edges of the plate!


In conclusion, bathtub stoppers are incredibly beneficial in helping you achieve an optimal bath experience. From this article, you might think that there are only two types of bathtub stoppers. However, there are actually so many to pick from, and each offers its own set of pros and cons. Either way, know what types are available and pick one, and you'll get to soon take your bathing experience to a whole new level!

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