A drain stopper is used to block or partially block the flow of water in a sink or bathtub. A stopper can be useful for a variety of tasks, such as filling the sink or bathtub with water for taking a bath, washing, soaking items, or preventing water from going down the drain while shaving or brushing teeth. Additionally, drain stoppers can also help prevent unwanted particles and small objects from going down the drain and causing clogs. Before you read, you can view the different types of drain stoppers here to see which stopper type you have in your home.

In this article, we will be looking at the top Tub and Sink Drain stoppers on the market. They can be very useful in your home and are rather simple to use. 

Here are our top picks for Tub and Sink Drain Stoppers:

StopShroom Tub 2 Pack Universal Stopper

The StopShroom Plug is a member of the TubShroom family of drain protectors. This stopper is universal and will work in both shower tub drains, as well as sink drains. Most plug stoppers are thick plugs with a keychain hoop handle on top or a chain on top. Sadly, the hoop handle and the chain handles tend to tear away from the plug with continued use. The StopShroom Plug is constructed with a thick, black silicone drain plug with an immovable knob on top of the stopper. To install it, push the stopper into the drain similar to a cork. To drain water, grip the knob and pull the stopper out. 

This is the perfect item for when you want to take a quick bath or need to fill the sink with water. It is cost effective, simple to use, and performs really well for many homeowners. The silicone construct of the plug makes it less susceptible to breakage issues and is actually more durable than many competitors out there. 

StopShroom Universal Stopper Plug Cover


The StopShroom Cover is a uniquely designed tub and sink drain stopper that sits above your current drain plug. When it's bath time or when you simply want to fill the sink, the StopShroom Cover works seamlessly to make that happen. Simply place it over the drain hole and press down on the suction cup and you're done. The bottom of the StopShroom has suction cups to ensure that no water slips beneath. 

StopShroom is not just for bath tub drains, although that's where most people look to plug the hole. StopShroom works well in Kitchen Sinks and Bathroom Sinks too. The StopShroom Cover comes in two colors: White and Aqua. This item is compatible with drain opening 4" or smaller. 


Umbra Flex Drain Stop/Hair Catcher, Grey


The Umbra Drain Stopper and Hair Catcher is a dual purpose item that can be used as a stopper and a hair catcher. Press Flex's center button to allow water flow and use as a hair catcher, and push the upturned edges to snap the valve shut and use as a drain stopper. This item is meant for tub and shower drains. Made of a flexible, durable and water-resistant silicone material, Umbra Flex has a sleek and durable design that will not rust. 
The 2-in-1 design is what separates the Umbra Flex from other stoppers on the market. Retailing at $9.00, the Umbra Flex can be a great addition to your bathroom. It has over 14,000 reviews and many customers rave about the performance of the item. 


OXO Good Grips Silicone/Stainless Steel Tub Stopper

The OXO Tub Stopper has a flexible silicone construction that operates as an effective seal so your bath won’t drain over time. The built-in suction cup holds the Stopper in place over drains and then secures the Stopper to walls for easy storage. The stainless steel accent is rust-resistant for long-term use. This item is marked as Amazon's Choice in Bathtub Drain Stoppers category. 

Customers rave abouts the simplicity of the item, easy setup, and quality of the stopper. The OXO Tub Stopper works in just bath tub drains, so you would need to look else where if you need for sinks as well. If you are looking for eco-friendly companies, OXO commits 1% of annual sales to support environmental nonprofits. 



DANCO Lift and Turn Tub and Bath Drain Stopper


The DANCO Lift and Turn Tub Stopper is another option for your drain. This tub drain stopper is ideal for replacing worn-out, dull and non-functioning bathtub drain stopper and you can convert a standard trip-lever drain to an easy lift and turn drain closure.

The DANCO Lift and Turn Tub Stopper features a lift-and-turn style allowing for easy use. Simply lift the stopper and give it a ¼ in. turn to lock it in the open position and reverse to close the stopper to fill the tub with water. The chrome finish of the stopper matches with almost all bathroom aesthetics so no need to worry about mismatch. 



A tub or sink drain stopper can make your life easier. It is such a simple tool that works effectively on drains. All of the options above retail under $15 so they are rather inexpensive gadgets that can help you when you need to take a bath, hold water in the sink, or do the dishes. Our top pick would be the StopShroom Plug because of its versatility and being able to use it for sink and tub drain. 


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