If you're having trouble with water pooling in your bathroom sink, it's likely due to a clog. The most common cause of these clogs is hair, so that's the first thing to look for. If you'd rather not call a plumber, there are ways to clear the blockage. Here are some of the best tools for dealing with a slow drain in a bathroom sink.


If you come across a blockage in the shower drain, you can attempt to remove it with your hands if you're wearing gloves. The clog will be slippery due to the soapy residue, so gloves are advisable. If you don't have gloves or can't reach the clog, try using a straightened coat hanger with a bent tip to try and remove it.

Household Solutions or Ingredients

If your shower drain has become blocked by hair or other organic material, try using baking soda and vinegar to resolve the issue. 

  • Pour baking soda down the shower drain, followed by the vinegar. Allow the solution to fizz and foam for a brief period, and then pour a kettle of hot (but not boiling) water down the drain.
  • Leave the mixture for a couple of hours before checking if the clog is gone.
    If the drain is still clogged, try the same process again. 
  • If you don't have any vinegar, mix the same amount of salt and baking soda and pour hot (but not boiling) water over it to try and unclog the drain.

Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is a tool that can be used to unclog a blocked shower drain. It is available to buy or rent at hardware or home improvement stores and can also be used to fix toilet clogs.


Using a toilet plunger is an effective way to address a slow drain in the bathroom sink. It requires effort and perseverance, but with enough plunging, you should be able to move the blockage closer to the surface where it can be more easily accessed.

Wet or Dry Vacuum

If it comes down to your last DIY resort, a wet or dry shop vacuum is a great tool to try when clearing a clogged shower drain. It has the power to suck up both liquid and dry debris, providing a stronger effect than a plunger. 

  • First, set the vacuum to suck up liquids and ensure the right filter is in place. 
  • Put the hose over the drain and turn it on. The strong suction should draw the clog up and out of the drain.

In Closing

Unclogging your shower drain can be a real headache. If it’s already happened to you, unclog away with these five tools. 

But running hot water down the pipe after each shower is recommended to keep it from happening in the first place. It is also recommended to get a strainer or cover for the drain, which you can easily buy from a hardware store or even a regular grocery store. Taking the necessary steps to maintain your plumbing will save you both time and money.

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